We Happy Few: Review

While its story centres around a world engulfed by the manufacture of uplifting drug ‘Joy’, even before release We Happy Few had a better recipe on paper than anything in its fictional world: Take a splattering of BioShock’s masked splicer world; add a distinctly English post World War II alternative-reality feel; and finish with a … Read more

How Apple Broke Podcasts in iOS 14.5

In the wake of having my Tweet featured on MacRumors last week, I thought it would be good to fully document the changes in Apple’s Podcasts app in iOS 14.5 – especially given that several of the article’s comments seemed to misconstrue the issues many users are facing. UPDATE 12/05/2021: Users are reporting Apple have addressed … Read more

Welcome Back

This is a strange post to write as it will almost instantly be buried, making it somewhat of a time capsule piece for myself more than anything else. As some readers will know, I’ve run a website of sorts for pretty much all my adult life, and for the last 12 years the blogging side … Read more

Goodbye, For Now…

While it feels strange to be writing the last ever post on Get Off The Bandwagon, this is more of a intermission than a eulogy. As mentioned in the 2019 Year in Review, after twelve years of blogging at this domain, I’m moving my writing to my personal website later in the year. Having been in … Read more

GOTB – Year in Review 2019

Yes, it’s already 12 months since the 2018 Review. As detailed below, this is likely to be the last of these yearly reviews published on Get Off The Bandwagon, but nevertheless it’s been a great twelve months. Stats 2019 saw 21,025 unique visitors to the site (up from 15,649 in 2017). Over 78% of the views … Read more