Best of 2019

While there are plenty of end of year lists ratings, looking back at this post from 2014 reminded me that not everything needs to be quantified. With that in mind, here’s some great things from the past year that you should enjoy if you haven’t already… Album Young and Cool – Woahnows At 26 minutes this … Read more

11 Great Things From 2014: Where Are They Now?

Each year we all read hundreds of end-of-year lists, but how well do they hold up in retrospect? Five years ago, we published 11 Great Things From 2014: Much has changed in the latter half of the decade – including the death of excellent steaming service Rdio – so what became of our choices?  Note: This … Read more


In the five years since I last published the article Podcasts To Which I Listen, the medium has gone from mostly being a home to niche shows by geeks and comedians, to everybody and their dog – quite literally – making podcasts. So what have I been listening to in 2019?  The Main List The Frank … Read more

2000 Trees Festival 2019 Review

Started by six friends in 2007 as an “antidote to the massive mainstream festivals” – and boy at that time did we need it – 2000 Trees has grown to become one of the best medium-sized festivals in the country, now capped at a 10,000 capacity. While the musical line-up is broadly based around the … Read more

2000 Trees Festival Guide & Tips

So it was our first visit to 2000 Trees festival this year, and one we’d throughly recommend. That said, being a small festival that’s grown very quickly, it does have its quirks – mostly good, but some which could be improved. Here’s some top tips for first-timers at Upcote Farm… Website Let’s start with the most … Read more