We Happy Few: Review

While its story centres around a world engulfed by the manufacture of uplifting drug ‘Joy’, even before release We Happy Few had a better recipe on paper than anything in its fictional world: Take a splattering of BioShock’s masked splicer world; add a distinctly English post World War II alternative-reality feel; and finish with a … Read more

Grim Fandango is Resurrected

Classic 1998 Day of the Dead comedy adventure game is reborn for the digital age. Grim Fandango Remastered is now out on iOS and Android, following its Steam release earlier this year. Occasionally in a state of reminiscence¬†I look up a few of my favourite old games from back in the Amiga / early PC … Read more

Review: Tropico 4

Before we start, a confession: I’m not really into sim games. The last one I seriously played was probably Theme Hospital. And that was fifteen years ago. But Tropico 5 (yes, five) caught my eye on the Mac App Store. SimCity titles are regularly promoted on the front page, but never appealed, however¬†this looked a … Read more