Eight Artists To Watch Out For In 2019

As we reminisce on the last 12 months with Spotify’s 2018 Unwrapped, it’s time to see what bands and solo artists look set to breakthrough in the next year. Zuzu It’s fair to say Liverpool’s Zuzu is a multi-talented creative – as well as her music seeing her constantly on tour, releasing several singles and … Read more

Why Coldplay Will Silence The Glastonbury Critics

With Glastonbury only days away, excitement is building with those attending. Of course, nowadays with extensive coverage across the BBC, millions more at home get to see performances from across the weekend. As great as this is, it can lead to a climate of armchair viewers who, coupled by the media’s influence, make poorly informed judgements about the festival without … Read more

Glastonbury 2016 Announces First Acts with Line-Up Poster

The initial line-up for the UK’s flagship festival has been released relatively early this year, and as usual brings with it the usual mix of eleation and complaints from both those with and without tickets. For every person that’s excitedly counting down the days until Glastonbury, you’ll find another moaning about it. Whether its ‘not like … Read more

Ed Sheeran Speaks Out About The Music Industry

Recently Ed Sheeran has become somewhat of a target for ‘serious’ music fans. The criticisms are varied, but on the whole are undeserved, largely based purely on his success and subsequent fan-base that has arisen from it. To say an artist isn’t credible just because the majority of their audience is essentially Radio 1 fodder isn’t … Read more


There’s no getting away from it – Adele is back. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last month you will have at some point encountered the huge media coverage leading up to her album’s release last Friday. But what is it about Adele that’s transformed her from low-key Brit School star to … Read more