GOTB – Year in Review 2017

So, another year has passed. It’s fair to say the traffic for this site has continued on a fantastic upwards trajectory, and while not all of my goals from the 2016 Review have been met, it’s certainly been a very positive year.


  • 2017 saw 18,748 unique visitors to the site overall (up from 8,365 in 2016).
  • January 2017 was the highest month on record with 2,486 views.
  • Nearly 75% of the views were from the UK and USA, with Canada third.


This year saw 17 articles published. It’s been a busy year outside of GOTB, meaning publishing has been sporadic at best, but it’s great to have written some pieces that people are enjoying and reading in decent numbers.

These also included four Sunday Bundles, an idea started back in 2016. While a great way to share quick links to interesting bits and pieces elsewhere on the web, the traffic for them is so low that I’ve stopped the feature for now.

The top five most read posts this year were:

  1. Nest and Yale’s Smart Linus Lock Postponed Until 2017 (2016)
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Organising a Stag Do (2015)
  3. Remove Spigot Malware on Mac (2017)
  4. What To Do If Your iPhone Is Stolen Abroad (2015)
  5. Fix iPhone iOS Mail Broken Push/Fetch Not Updating in Background (2016)

Future Plans

There’s a definite sense of déjà vu here – twelve months ago I hoped to revamp the website and integrate it with my freelance site. Although the wheels are firmly in motion for this, it’s still in the early design stages, albeit a high priority for 2018.

As always, thank you to all of you who read Get Off The Bandwagon – and here’s to a great new year.