GOTB – Year in Review 2018

Writing the 2017 Review for Get Off The Bandwagon seems both a lifetime ago, and only yesterday. The good news is, the number of readers on the site has remained incredibly healthy, despite the lesser news of not much content being produced over the last twelve months.


  • 2018 saw 15,649 unique visitors to the site (down from 18,748 in 2017).
  • Nearly 75% of the views were from the UK and USA, with Canada third.
  • Technology articles accounted for over two-thirds of the site’s traffic.


This year saw only seven articles published. It’s fair to say it’s been a busy year outside of this site, but still pleasing to get some content out there.

The top five most read posts this year were:

  1. How To Fix Xbox One S Error E200… (2017)
  2. Remove Spigot Malware on Mac (2017)
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Organising a Stag Do (2015)
  4. What To Do If Your iPhone Is Stolen Abroad (2015)
  5. Fix iPhone iOS Mail Broken Push/Fetch Not Updating in Background (2016)

Future Plans

So onwards into 2019. Thanks to everyone who reads Get Off The Bandwagon – there’s some fairly big changes planned for this year, including the end of a (now three-year) project to integrate better with my freelance site. Here’s to the year ahead.