A Huge Thank You

I’ve been blogging now for nearly ten years on and off, but the response to the articles I’ve published in the last month or so has been incredible.

When I first started the website – then called ‘Wishes on Eyelashes’ (named after a line in a KT Tunstall song), it was very much a personal space for me and my friends to use. This was of course pre-Facebook etc, a time when people had to use their own sites to share photos, videos and articles.

Since then the site has been through various iterations, before ending up solely as the personal blog it is today. It’s fair to say I probably haven’t given the site the love it deserved over the years, but at the start of 2013 I promised myself I’d start writing properly again.

It took a while to get started – months in fact – and the first couple of new articles really struggled to make their way into fruition. But it was well worth the effort.

This week this site has had over 500 visitors. Now, in Internet terms, that’s nothing. But to me, it’s everything.

Only a few months ago I remember being pleased to see at least a handful of visitors a day. To know that hundreds of people are reading words I have written is incredible.

So I thank you, Dear Reader. And long may our relationship continue.