Fix iPhone Headphone Buttons That Won’t Work

Ever had your iPhone headphone buttons stop working even though the sound still plays?

There’s probably an easy answer — lint build up in the jack socket. This can prevent the metal contacts from connecting properly to the jack.

Simply take a regular sewing/dressmaker pin (metal, not bauble end), turn it upside down and use the head to carefully remove the lint from the hole*. You’ll be amazed how much is in there. Make sure you get right into all the hidden lips and edges.

You could also use a paperclip or any similar object, but it may risk scratching the metal contacts inside the socket. The pin head works great as there are a few awkward crevices that the lip can aid in getting under.

Once all the lint is out, plug your iPhone headphones back in and your buttons should be working again. Voila.


  • I take no responsibility if your heavy-handedness scratches or damages your iPhone.