GOTB – Year in Review 2019

Yes, it’s already 12 months since the 2018 Review. As detailed below, this is likely to be the last of these yearly reviews published on Get Off The Bandwagon, but nevertheless it’s been a great twelve months.


  • 2019 saw 21,025 unique visitors to the site (up from 15,649 in 2017).
  • Over 78% of the views were from the UK and USA, with Canada third.
  • Once again, technology articles accounted for the majority of the site’s traffic.


This year saw only eight articles published, but did include a couple of significant long-form reads.

The top five most read posts this year were:

  1. How To Fix Xbox One S Error E200… (2017)
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Organising a Stag Do (2015)
  3. What To Do If Your iPhone Is Stolen Abroad (2015)
  4. Fix iPhone iOS Mail Broken Push/Fetch Not Updating in Background (2016)
  5. TV Review: Last Commanders (2018)

Future Plans

So what for 2020? After 17 years of blogging, the last 12 of which have been at this domain, it’s time for a change. For a couple of years now I’ve been trying to integrate more with my freelance site, and now have a workable solution. You can read more details in the last ever Get Off The Bandwagon blog post to be published soon – but fear not, this is not the end. See you on the other side.