Jamie T – Zombie

Just in case ‘Don’t You Find’ had you worried that Jamie T had gone all sentimental in his four year absence, this second release from new album ‘Carry On The Grudge’ shows he’s well and truly back from the dead.

Now he’s returned, it’s strange to think just how much of a curious vacuum Jamie T left in his absence. For someone to completely drop off the radar in the social media age is almost impossible, but since 2010 Jamie T had proved virtually elusive. This naturally causes polar reactions; on the one hand his absence has made the love for him even stronger, but the flip-side is that after such a long wait everyone expects greatness.

The good news is so far he’s delivered. ‘Don’t You Find’ – the first new material to be released – showed a maturer side to the man who once revelled in his carefree anthems for the Skins generation. Although brilliant, there was a strange worry he’d gone all Alt-J in his time away. Fear not though, after a forlorn opening 30 seconds, ‘Zombie’ kicks in all guns blazing like a tripping version of the Only Fools and Horses theme. Yes it’s essentially a lightweight knees-up romp of the undead kind, but he’s promised more depth on the album. Rest assured though, they’ll be skanking at Hallowe’en parties forever.

Jamie T tours in October/November, including his biggest performance to date at Alexandra Palace. Album ‘Carry On The Grudge’ is released on September 22nd.