Leave Facebook? Never!

Whilst we managed to shut down our Bebo account a few days ago with relative ease, it comes as surprise to find this account of one American trying to close his Facebook account. It seems that the world’s fastest-growing social networking site doesn’t exactly want to lose you, or more likely, your details.

With Monday’s G2 in The Guardian running an interesting feature dismissing Facebook as a corporate venture, it seems all is not well for the site in terms of image at the moment. Add to that the terrestrial channels here in Britain also reporting in various news bulletins and other programs that information, notably your personal details, may well be being sold to third parties by Facebook and other social networking sites and we could, possibly, being seeing the demise of one of the most profitable start-ups in recent years.

Of course, most people don’t think about these things when signing up to these sites and sharing their photos and information with hundreds of ‘friends’, but in the harsh light of day you may turn to be making an all too real choice between popularity and privacy.