Macworld Expo: In the Air Tonight

Another Macworld Expo goes by and we are left with another ground-breaking product. This time it’s the MacBook Air, an ultra-thin, stripped-back laptop that combines ultimate style with a hefty price tag. As usual the plaudits and knives are out in equal measure.

One of the only sensible reviews we have found so far comes courtesy of Glenn Wolsey and can be found here. It is simple and informative, and mostly importantly outlines the pro and cons without fuss or bias.

On an interesting note, it’s good to see Apple once again pushing the boundaries with advertising, this time in the form of the unusally potent web-banner. Adfreak explains it all very neatly here.

Whatever your view, and although we are slightly biassed, it is fair to say Apple are miles ahead of Microsoft in terms of branding and production. Just look back a year to the launch of the iPhone and where that is in terms of worldwide sales and popularity now. Microsoft’s last two big releases? Windows Vista and the Zune. Enough said.