Martin Brundle’s F1 Commentary Bingo

It’s that time of year again, Formula One is soon to be back on our screens. To celebrate, here’s a freebie for you to entertain yourselves whilst listening to the expert commentary of Martin Brundle and David Croft on Sky F1.

The Martin Brundle Bingo Card 1 contains all your favourite phrases: “Box Full of Neutrals”, “This Stage of the Grand Prix”, “Like a Bag of Nails”, “Flat Spot”, “Vettel’s Helmet”, “Stellar Performance”, “On The Bubble”, and of courseĀ “Kissing The Apex”.

Click on image to download a high-res version:

Click to download high-res version


  1. Obviously this content is for humour, satire and entertainment purposes only. Please do not redistribute this work in any other form, or attempt to gain any monetary reward from it. I don’t want Bernie on my back.