Singles Out This Week

THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS – The Age Of The Understatement

Two of the country’s hottest songwriters Alex Turner and Miles Kane have teamed up in what they have likened to ‘an affair’, surely nothing could go wrong could it? Well luckily for us the result, as shown in this single which trails the album of the same name, is as epic and – dare we say it – understatedly brilliant as we could have expected. Sounding like a modern romp through a suave 60’s Bond theme that never was, it’s a match made in Heaven. 9/10

PORTISHEAD – Machine Gun

Unfortunate timing on the Bristolians’ part as they are sure to be over shadowed by Monkeys/Rascals boys, but be in no doubt this is something of epic proportions itself. Only out physically on vinyl, but available to download, it is a fitting mix of the old and new that is reflected in the music. It may have been a decade since we heard last heard from Portishead, but this is a hauntingly emphatic return that sparks of old qualities but flies away with a new vigour. Simply breathtaking, it’s no wonder it took so long. 9/10

ELLIOT MINOR – Parallel Worlds

From something with so much grandeur, to a band that can only dream of such dizzy heights. Like an Evanescence for the new Mcfly generation – and that’s not a compliment – it’s best relegated to the youth club roller-disco and left well alone. 2/10

THE WOMBATS – Backfire At The Disco

Following on from Moving To New York, this is yet another re-release from the Liverpudlians. Now while we give them full credit for deservedly finally making the breakthrough to grab everybody’s attention, this is a track that has been kicking around indie clubs and Match Of The Day montages for a long time now. Great tune, emphatic of their upbeat style, but a pointless release. 7/10