Singles of the Year 2007

This is an archived post from Wishes on Eyelashes, a previous incarnation of this site.

It’s that time of year again. Here’s our choice of the best tracks of the year…

50 Sweet Escape – Gwen Stefani

Admittedly it’s Akon’s contribution that makes it stick, but it’s the closer that Stefani has got to her No Doubt roots, and it shows.

49 KT Tunstall – Hold On

Only standout track on the hugely disappointing Drastic Fantastic, rivaling ‘Black Horse…’ for the perfect amalgamation of her talents.

48 The Hedrons – One More Won’t Kill Me 

In the year that saw girl power rear it’s ugly head, this lot showed real female force, and you wouldn’t want argue with that.

47 The Electric Soft Parade – Misunderstanding

Britain’s most underrated  songwriters return with a typically melodic and thoughtful outcome. Good to have them back.

46 Take That – Shine

Despite the other three trying their hardest to ruin it, including Mark Owen’s awful vocal, Barlow and Steve Robson came up with a Beatleseque corker.

45 Foo Fighters – The Pretender

Another addition to the best singles collection outside of Britain, sees Grohl at his prophetically ranting best.

44 The View – Face For The Radio

Disappointed the critics and fans alike with a very inconsistent album, but this showed the heartfelt soft side to the Scots perfectly.

43 The Fratellis – Baby Fratelli

In the year that the festivals launched them into superstars this anthemic track reminded us why they’ve got the balls to fill arenas.

42 Mika – Happy Ending

Despite Jo Whiley et al lauding his alleged rise to greatness, this fine closing effort from his debut album, shows he has some worth after all.

41 The Maccabees – Toothpaste Kisses

From the initial vinyl scratches, to the twee mandolins and uber-cute vocals, will be the theme tune to many lovestruck teens for years to come.

40 Guillemots – Annie, Let’s Not Wait

Still reluctant to make that mainstream breakthrough, but with a huge cult following, Fyfe had everyone dancing in the rain at Glasto with this epic.

39 British Sea Power – Waving Flags

Since the rise of Arcade Fire, BSP might have company in their niche, but this typically epic return reminded the Canadians who was their first.

38 Jack Penate – Second, Minute or Hour

Brush aside the identikit singles, this had us dancing for weeks on end, which never fails to please, just like our Jack.

37 Battles – Atlas

Marmite single of the year, that had everyone divided. Deserves to be in your record collection for its diversity alone though.

36 Sugababes – About You Now

Raise those frowning eyes, this piece of pop songwriting brilliance even had echoes of Can’t Stand Me Now about it, just don’t tell Carl and Peter.

35 Richard Hawley – Tonight The Streets Are Ours

Alex Turner joked he should’ve had the Mercury, but nevertheless Hawley’s album has some great moments, this being the finest.

34 The Killers – Tranquilize

Probably the most debatable choice in the whole Top 50, but for some reason we loved it, and it’s not just the Lou Reed factor. Mr Brightside it ain’t, but it sure is interesting.

33 The Cribs – Men’s Needs

A simple and catchy riff, but everything you need from a song that stuck in our heads for weeks. A inconsistent year from The Cribs, but this was easily one of the hits of the summer.

32 The Enemy – You’re Not Alone

First of two entries for the Cov boys, such was their singles quality this year. A rousing anthem that speaks to generations beyond their own.

31 Oasis – Lord Don’t Slow Me Down

Bluesy and country it might be, but it’s easy to forget Gallagher senior’s talents – more than fill in the gap until the new album next year.

30 Ash – Polaris

Finest singles’ writers of their generation, it may not be such a bad thing that they are sticking to one off tracks if this is anything to go by.

29 Kate Walsh – Talk of the Town

Everything KT Tunstall and Kate Nash could dream of being. Beautiful, thoughtful emotive and a melting voice – true quality.

28 Bloc Party – Flux

Bringing out the finer side of BP, this drum ‘n’ bass led track showed why they are capable of filling dance floors everywhere.

27 Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love

Ignorantly shunned by all the majors because of her X-Factor path to success, but quite simply the girl is one of the best vocal talents in Britain for a very long time.

26 Kanye West – Stronger

Forgotten ahead of the more fashionable Bizzle/Rascal Brit-pack, but West once again weighed in with the perfect balance of sample and substance.

25 Paul Weller and Graham Coxon – This Old Town

Like a marriage made in Heaven and certainly worth postponing the Blur reunion for, Coxon out the ageing modster firmly back in gear.

24 Kaiser Chiefs – Everything Is Average Nowadays

Piss-poor album, but great unnoticed single. Summed up everything the Kaisers can do well, without a ‘woooooahhh’ in sight.

23 The View – Same Jeans

Not everyone’s favourite in the industry, but they’ve scored two in our top 50. The festival anthem of the summer, and for that we salute them.

22 Amy Winehouse – Back To Black

Tabloid troubles aside, Winehouse is easily this country’s finest export. Typically determined, but dreamy vocals rapped perfectly around this dark and broody classic.

21 Babyshambles – Delivery

Easily the most radio-friendly thing Doherty has released to date, lifted from our album of the year. Like Winehouse, forget the rest, the music speaks loud enough.

20 The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name

Screw the White Stripes’ double act, this is where it’s at for 2008. One of the best demos we heard all year, topped off by a sublime ‘Later… ‘performance.

19 Editors – Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors

Where do you start with one of the finest comeback singles since time began? Just as Editors seemed to have faded into obscurity this Morrissey-style epic heartbreaker hit our radios and boy did it have an impact.

18 The Enemy – Away From Here

Indie-pop perfection lands another spot on the list. Ranting about having to work and name-checking Richard and Judy can’t fail to please.

17 The Answering Machine – Lightbulbs

Our undiscovered record of the year, this trio from Manchester have all the credentials to make it as this debut released showed in bucket loads.

16 Klaxons – Golden Skans

Despite redefining the phrase ‘Sleeping with the NME’ this year, Klaxons haven’t had it bad. This was the best of their hybrid tunes and what a corker it was.

15 Super Furry Animals – Run-Away

Sublime piece of balladry as only SFA know how. Sickly sweet vocals and a typically cute melody married to give probably their best single to date.

14 Laura Marling – New Romantic

Certain to be huge in 2008, this launched her to the airwaves. Restrained, but driven, she has a lot to say and does it beautifully.

13 Kings Of Leon – On Call

Stormed Reading Festival like they owned the place, and yet produced one of the catchiest indie songs ever that you are glad to have in your head all day.

12 One Night Only – You and Me

Regarded by some as a bit lightweight, the future will be interesting. This put their influences, notably Libertines, clearly on show, but they used them to perfection.

11 Arctic Monkeys – Brianstorm

Worth it alone for giving us “See you later, innovator”, a clinically brilliant pop at nobheads everywhere. Rampant Monkeys at their best.

10 The Ordinary Boys – I Luv You

Despite the fact that this was born from one of the most vomit inducing of sources, Preston actually produced the cutest single of the year. Wanna tell Heat magazine?

9 GoodBooks – Passchendaele

The single most underrated album of the year, and the finest song from it. 2008 should be the year Goodbooks come into their own.

8 The Wombats – Let’s Dance To Joy Division

Tongue in cheek brilliance that even managed to fit in some Curtis lyrics and a school choir. Mentally brilliant.

7 Patrick Park – Life Is A Song

Sure to be a controversial choice, but easily the most emotive song of the year. And there’s probably not a man in England that could’ve written it.

6 Hard Fi – Can’t Get Along (Without You)

Easily the best thing Richard Archer has written, and worth the wait. Shame about the lacklustre album, but deserving of their stadium status.

5 Air Traffic – Just Abuse Me / Charlotte

Double A-Side that we can’t split, from Bournemouth’s finest. Like Matt Bellamy with a whole lot of happiness chucked in. Brilliant.

4 Reverend And The Makers – Heavyweight Champion Of The World

The Reverend finally made it and not a moment too soon. Combining Kasabian’s trail with the Madchester of old, produced dancefloor perfection.

3 Pigeon Detectives – Take Her Back

The first of two quirky sex-life tales in the top three, and for that we make no apology. ” What would her dad say if he knew/She’s on her knees/He’s 22″. He’d probably say this song’s f*cking brilliant, that’s what.

2 Arctic Monkeys – Fluorescent Adolescent

Just when we thought Alex Turner had already summed up modern Britain in a perfect nutshell, he goes and writes a cheeky anthem for bored housewives everywhere. Made every young boy in the country, and us, grin for days on end.

1 Maximo Park – Our Velocity

Well, here they are, and we never thought it would happen. Maximo Park have always failed to live up to the hype that Graffiti initially created, with two very inconsistent albums. Here though, they produced an absolute gem. A bass driven romp that accelerates until it can go no faster and then explodes into life, finally fulfilling everything we thought they were capable of. Brilliant.