Superbad (15)

High school hi-jinx are taken to another level in this teen comedy from the makers of Knocked Up.

Within seconds of the retro opening credits the scene is set firmly back in the modern world with high school buddies Evan (Michael Cera) and Seth (the excellent Jonah Hill) discussing what porn sites they can afford to subscribe to.

This tone of teen humour is largely carried on throughout the film, with jokes that make American Pie look like a Disney film. The central plot, as is usually the case in these movies, is largely irrelevant – centering mainly on the pair’s efforts to buy alcohol and get laid at their last party before college – but provides a perfect backbone for one of the funniest scripts of the year.

Much of the action involves their geeky friend Fogell and his hilarious fake ID alter ego ‘McLovin’. He soon gets involved with a pair of hapless cops (Seth Rogen and Bill Hader), who between them almost steal the show themselves.

If you have seen Knocked Up then the style of humour brought by this Judd Apatow production won’t surprise you, but writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg – who allegedly wrote the first draft of the script at just 13 – certainly have a few shocks in store.

Its laugh-out-loud gags coupled with a cute story of high school buddies going their separate ways to college have produced easily one of the finest frathouse movies ever made. Let’s party to that.