Take That – Never Forget – The Ultimate Collection

This is an archived post from Wishes on Eyelashes, a previous incarnation of this site.

The ultimate boy band are back, but not for good.

At first it seems hard to fathom why Take That are releasing a ‘Best of’ album. Sorry it’s not a ‘Best of’, it is an ‘Ultimate Collection’. My mistake.

This is because That Take already have a ‘Best of’, released soon after their break-up was announced nearly 10 years ago. This new offering contains 16 (out of 19) of the same songs, the other three being a pointless ‘2006 remix’ (wow!) of ‘Relight My Fire’, ‘Pray’ (live from Berlin) and the only valid selling point, one previously unheard track ‘Today I’ve Lost You’.

So why are BMG releasing an album most Take That fans already essentially have? Well there are two theories on this. Firstly a certain former member is doing rather well lately and happens have just released a new album with much publicity himself. What’s that shiny new vehicle leaving the BMG record company office? Oh wait, it’s a bandwagon.

Secondly, as technology has now progressed, for an extra £14 or so you can purchase an ‘Ultimate Collection’ DVD. This is, I have to say, is far better than its audio partner. Here you can get your hands on 16 of Take That’s music videos, 25 unseen photographs and a pieced-together new documentary.

As for the music itself everybody knows what Take That were about, the songs are varied in appeal, ranging from classics to woeful covers.

My advice? Buy the DVD and relive some memories. That’s if you aren’t fed up with the blanket marketing, TV and radio appearances, ITV documentary, numerous television adverts, magazine publicity and general whitewashing of promotion for this album by then.

Or maybe Robbie Williams has got the right idea? Stay at home and pretend it’s not happening.