Eriksson Finally Pays The Price

This is an archived post from Wishes on Eyelashes, a previous incarnation of this site.

So ‘Sheik-gate’ was more than just a tabloid scandal. Tonight Sven-Goran Eriksson finally lost his job, albeit suspended until after the World Cup.

It is reassuring to see that the Football Association have finally come to their senses after three years of money-led decisions. The simple truth is that had it not been for the lucrative web of a contract that the FA had given the Swede, he would have been sacked months ago.

The list of his ‘mistakes’ since he took over the job is longer than one of Garth Crooks’ post-match questions. The names Faria and Ulrika alone bring back memories of complete misguided judgement that were simply unforgivable from a man in his position.

Undoubtedly the FA will be cautious not make the same mistake twice, with the new manager likely to be a middle-of-the-road honest Englishman. Whether it will be Curbishly, Allardyce, Bruce or McClaren will have little matter, at least at first.

After years of having such little say, watching inane formation, selection and substitution decisions, England fans will undoubtedly want to reclaim the team as their own once again.

The FA made a mistake the day they signed Eriksson, not with their choice of man, but through their lack of control over his actions. Like a spoilt child with his parents wrapped around his little finger, Sven was allowed to get away with anything. This must not happen again.