Revisiting Glastonbury 2007

With another Glastonbury around the corner next week, it reminded me to undercover a lost gem from yesteryear.

Back in 2007 – then my fifth time in Pilton – I not only reviewed Glastonbury Festival, but, as was commonplace at the time, made a whole microsite.

Surprisingly the microsite holds its own quite well 15 years later. Looking quickly at the code I’m guessing I built it in Dreamweaver, which, to be fair to the much-maligned software, seems to have held up well.

It is, however, bittersweet looking back at a creative world that was largely pre-social media, and the Internet still in its exploding force of innovation – long before UX, analytics and corporate KPIs killed it.

While I can’t help but see the typos, youthful bravo and naivety, and, of course, the lack of modern web standards, it’s definitely been a wonderful trip down memory lane – both for my design career and the festival itself.