2022 Plans

Another year without the usual Year in Review post, not least because amalgamating my websites has caused a huge drop-off in both posting and traffic.

While Get Off The Bandwagon, at least in name and domain, has been fully consigned to the archives of history, I still have busy plans afoot to keep posting regularly here.

As previously mentioned, this site now has two writing streams – heavily influenced by industry stalwarts like Simon Collison, Paul Stamatioui, and Mark Boulton – shorter journal posts, and longer-form articles.

While many of these will be the usual TVgaming, and music reviews, I also plan to run several serialised articles across the next couple of years.

In the world of technology, I’ll be detailing my efforts to switch away from Google products, my first attempts at using a Raspberry Pi, as well as looking at cord-cutting in this confused era of UK TV providers.

Design-wise will see me testing out Affinity software as an alternative to Adobe, and some semi-regular posts about my 20 years in the industry.

Of course, I’ll be posting about the revamp of this site too, as is the modern meta way. Should be a fun year.