Welcome Back

This is a strange post to write as it will almost instantly be buried, making it somewhat of a time capsule piece for myself more than anything else.

As some readers will know, I’ve run a website of sorts for pretty much all my adult life, and for the last 12 years the blogging side of that had been under the banner of ‘Get Off The Bandwagon’.

I detailed some of the reasons for the switch to an all-in-one approach in my final post over on GOTB last year, so I won’t cover them all again here. But needless to say, it’s a refreshing restart – and one that not only dovetails nicely into my life as a designer, but also a provides a platform for change in both writing topics and style.

On the technical side – which I’ll be sure to detail more in future posts – I’ve stuck with WordPress (at least for now), not least as I wanted to carry over all my previous Jetpack statistics and analytics history. The wonderful support team at Automattic have been incredibly efficient and helpful, and within only a few hours had everything up and running smoothly.

As mentioned, and armed with a new M1 MacBook Air, I’m now taking a slightly different outlook to writing. Broadly speaking, I appreciate the approach that many of my contemporaries have recently taken of having two separate blog streams: one for more in-depth long-form articles, and another of much lighter journal-style entries.

Needless to say all my old articles from GOTB, Wishes on Eyelashes, and everything in-between have been carried across, and while many fall into the aforementioned categories, those that don’t will now carry a banner to denote their historical status and different perspective.

The beauty of this new approach – while still allowing for my usual reviews, technical articles and general ramblings – also opens up the possibility of some more personal articles. It’s long been my ambition to more publicly cover my journey both past and present as a designer and manager across print and digital, as well as some other industry and hobbiest experiences.

So, as always, thanks to you the reader – who ever you may be. While there’s a lot of work still to do on both the front and back end (and as a designer, I’m naturally never quite ‘finished’), I already have a steady stream of posts due to be released over the coming months that will hopefully find an audience to enjoy them. Onwards and upwards, my friends.